Cutting and Self Injury

Cutting and Self Injury can occur when there is a traumatic event in ones life such as physical, verbal or sexual abuse.  It also happens when one has low self worth, anxiety, depression or they do not have the proper coping skills to deal with emotions.  The intense emotions are relieved only by things such as cutting, pinching and burning themselves, pulling out hair or banging their head against a wall or other hard object.

Sykes Group provides therapy for children, teenagers and adults who cut and self injure/mutilate.  Our therapists can help you understand what it is that makes you want to cut and self injure and also find ways to cope with the emotions that come along with cutting and self injuring.


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While beginning counseling is a major step, it is a sign of strength. Today many individuals, couples and families are entering counseling to improve their quality of life.




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